Visitors from all over the world travel to Fiji to experience the soft, warm sands and the aquamarine waters right outside the resorts. The Republic of Fiji has more than three hundred islands and is referred to as the “Pearl of the Pacific because of its dynamic underwater coral, clear turquoise waters and a huge space of tropical jungle.

Travelers who’ve been to this place before will tell you it is truly the friendliest place in the world. My good friend comes here every year. He loves it. He’s got a great towing business in southern Alabama. Apart from the idyllic landscapes and beaches, the people here make Fiji so enchanting. You can either scuba dive near Taveuni, snorkel in the Yasawas, or go partying in the Mamanucas. Explore the orchids at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant or the arts and portraits at a history museum. Here are some of the things you must do in Fiji:

  • Fiji Museum

If you want to understand the history of the archipelago you must then visit the Fiji Museum. The Museum showcases different kinds of artwork, shell jewelry, and cannibal forks and has artifacts spanning 3,700 years. The museum is located in the town of Suva on Viti Levu.

  • Mamanucas Islands

Mamanucas can be accessed using a ferry from Port Denarau. It is made up of about twenty islands which offer visitors everything from bumping bars on Mana islands to secluded resort on Navini Island. Travelers enjoy the beauty in this place and appreciate the water sports activities. You can do everything from diving to surfing to snorkeling.

  • Sigatoka River Safari

You can’t miss the jet-boat safaris that explore the Sigatoka River, the longest river on Viti Levu Island. Sigatoka is a freshwater river with clear waters with great visibility. You can, therefore, enjoy great views of the marine life swimming including mussels. Prawns, eels, and other fish. On the other end is the “salad bowl” or the Sigatoka valley where you can spend time with the native life enjoying traditional foods.

  • The Fire-walking Ceremony

Fire-walking shows are usually held at most of the resorts in Fiji. You’ll be amazed to see how men stroll across fire without getting burned. The origins of the practice is believed to have been from Beqa Island. According to the locals, a spirit god known as Tui Namoliwai allowed these people to have the ability of walking on scalding stones.

  • Bouma National Heritage Park

Explore the wide variety of Fiji’s natural beauty at the Bouma National Heritage Park. There is much to explore from mountain ridges to the topical vegetation to volcanic peaks to cliffs that overlook the sea. Hike through the paved and unpaved trails in the park as you enjoy great views of the Vidawa Rinforest, Tavoro waterfalls, and Lavena Coast.

  • South Sea Islands

The South Sea Islands feature sandy beaches lined up with palm trees, dynamic coral reefs, and crystalline waters that are a must see. Activities to expect here include sailing, scuba, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and even a massage.

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