There is no better place to smell and taste the spices in a salt fish pate or watch moko jumbie dancing at a carnival parade than the U.S Virgin Islands. The U.S Virgin Islands comprises of three Islands namely St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. So, the choice is all yours: either visit one of the three or better yet, divide your time on all of them. If you want to make the most of your vacation spending a little time on all the three islands would be the best option.

Each of the three islands has its own uniqueness and attractions. St. Thomas receives most visitors and is the most commercialized. It is a leading cruise-ship stops and is known for luxury-upmarket shops, high-end storefronts along Main Street, mega-yachts, and attractions such as the Coral World Ocean Park. Magens Bay is the best and busiest beach in St. Thomas.

If you live nature or planning to go for your honeymoon, St. John is the perfect destination. This island is dominated by a national park and features some of the most picturesque and well maintained beaches in the Caribbean region. Snorkeling lovers can head to the scenic Trunk Bay just off the beach. St. John has more to offer from hotels and villas to camping opportunities. St. Croix receives a very small number of visitors but it’s the most peaceful of them all. It has rum distilleries, sugarcane plantations, and ruins and houses that provide a historical background about the Virgin Islands.

Sailing to St. Thomas and St. John is best between November and May. The peak season in these islands is experienced during the winter months (December to March). That’s when a good friend of mine from Scottsdale Tow Truck Company usually makes his yearly trip down, since that’s also his slow season for towing in Arizona. However, the best time to travel to the U.S Virgin Islands is between April and June. Very little rainfall is experienced during this time and the weather is mild.

Some of the key events you don’t want to miss include St. Thomas International Tegatta in March, St. Thomas Carnival (April to May), St. John Carnival (Late June to July), St. Croix Carnival (Late December to January) and St. Croix Mango Melee and Tropical Fruit Festival in July.

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